Andi Lonnen FCCA Ilana Esterrich

Being a world class Finance Business Partner in a digital world!

A Talk by Andi Lonnen FCCA and Ilana Esterrich

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About this Talk

Lack of buy-in, technology and capabilities, can all be blockers to business partner success. Increasingly finance business partners are leveraging tools, from data analytics to automation to add business value. This session will explore the evolving role of the FBP, how to overcome blockers and drive business value. 

22 May 2024, 01:15 PM

01:15 PM - 01:45 PM

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About The Speakers

Andi Lonnen FCCA

Andi Lonnen FCCA

Chief Energising Officer, FBP Academy

Ilana Esterrich

Ilana Esterrich

CFO, Planned Parenthood