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Christian Niedermüller Gemma Marina Chris Argent

Digital Finance Function Frontiers

A Talk by Gemma Marina , Christian Niedermüller and Chris Argent

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About this Talk

The role of CFOs has evolved, and they are now crucial in driving digital strategy forward. Therefore, for CFOs to be effective catalysts of digital strategy, they must also take into account the impact of the emerging technologies. This session will take a quick fire look at emergent tech that will be disrupting the finance function in the future. 

  • Metaverse - hailed as the biggest transformative technology since web 2.0 ignore the metaverse at your peril. With many businesses operating in the metaverse (think Nike, Disney) what is the impact and why finance leaders must take notice. 
  • Quantum Computing - accelerating analytics enabling faster and more accurate financial modelling and analysis, this tech is predicted to have a significant impact on finance, but how far can the revolution go? 
  • Blockchain - Safe or risk technology has the potential to revolutionise the way financial transactions are processed, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We will explore the benefits and limitations of blockchain and how to integrate it. 

About The Speakers

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Gemma Marina

Gemma Marina

Interim CFO, Across The Pond

Christian Niedermüller

Christian Niedermüller

CEO, Blocktrade

Chris Argent

Chris Argent

Founder & CFO (Chief Future Officer), GENCFO

Ex CFO & Finance Transformation Consultant, now Founder of GENCFO, the #1 community in the world, and Creator of the Digital Finance Function Awards

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