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Paul Barnhurst Cécile Parker FCCA Chris Argent

THE BIG DEBATE - Excel: From zero to hero or just a has-been tool?

A Talk by Paul Barnhurst , Chris Argent and Cécile Parker FCCA

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About this Talk

In one corner, we have the sceptics who believe that Excel is becoming obsolete in today's data-driven world. They argue that relying on legacy technology and data silos is hindering businesses from obtaining critical insights. Instead, they propose using sophisticated Power BI tools and modern data-driven organisational practices. But does this mean Excel is truly dead?

In the other corner, we have the supporters who argue that Excel still holds a pervasive position in the business world, especially among finance professionals. They wonder if Excel can adapt to the modern times and what's next for this long-standing tool. Is it time for an upgrade or can the old dog still learn new tricks? 

About The Speakers

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Paul Barnhurst

Paul Barnhurst

Founder, The FP&A Guy

Chris Argent

Chris Argent

Founder & CFO (Chief Future Officer), GENCFO

Ex CFO & Finance Transformation Consultant, now Founder of GENCFO, the #1 community in the world, and Creator of the Digital Finance Function Awards

Cécile Parker FCCA

Cécile Parker FCCA

CFO, ACCA Corporate Sector Panel Member, Vital Energi Utilities Limited

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