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Chris Argent Bernd Stangl

Automation Accelerator - It's life Jim but not as we know it!

A Talk by Bernd Stangl and Chris Argent

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About this Talk

Chat GPT is everywhere and has bought home the stark reality that automation is here and it's powerful. Automation technology  is making huge strides and has the power to redefine roles, and functions. Yet rather than embracing it, many still fear the impact on human roles.  

The reality is that automation, powered by humans, presents a huge opportunity for finance to redefine itself, remove the shackles of repetitive tasks and enable us to emerge as clear strategic business partners. Automating processes and tasks is a huge opportunity to overcome the talent crunch. 

This session will explore the future of automation in finance, and practically, how it can unlock value from your processes, data and human capital.

About The Speakers

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Bernd Stangl

Bernd Stangl

CFO, Alcatel

Chris Argent

Chris Argent

Founder & CFO (Chief Future Officer), GENCFO

Ex CFO & Finance Transformation Consultant, now Founder of GENCFO, the #1 community in the world, and Creator of the Digital Finance Function Awards

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