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Planet and Profit - Avoid ESG crisis and cost by being a cool boss!

A Talk by ShanMae Teo and Carolina Veira

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As ESG and CSR reporting and measurement are increasingly embedded in business strategy, it is also central to customer and workforce engagement, attraction and retention. It's also a core part of modern finance operations and reporting and there's a lot to do! 

But how do we get reporting done? How do we adopt the correct metrics and translate data into effective action? How do we as leaders and finance business partners ensure that we are walking the walk and engaging stakeholders, avoiding greenwashing and rhetoric? 

21 May 2024, 04:15 PM

04:15 PM - 05:00 PM

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About The Speakers

ShanMae Teo

ShanMae Teo

CFO, Climate Impact Partners

Carolina Veira

Carolina Veira

Founder & Head of Finance, Sustainability and Impact, The Strategic Group