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GENCFO is the world's #1 Finance Leadership Community, helping current and future CFOs leverage the power of people, data, and digital to shape the next generation of sustainable, high-performing businesses.

GENCFO Summit 2024 | Thought Leadership Summit

What they are saying about GENCFO!

  • Massive thanks to the Team GenCFO and to all speakers! This year I indulged in full three days and loved each session 👍

    Nataliya Irvine
    Nataliya Irvine

    Finance Business Partner at Capegemini

  • Fantastic day. Looking forward to tomorrow. Well done Chris, team and speakers.

    Mark Laine Toner FCCA
    Mark Laine Toner FCCA

    Financial Director at Evri

  • Thanks to everyone on GENCFO for organising this Summit. Its always good to know one isn’t alone

    Simone Collins FCCA
    Simone Collins FCCA

    Finance business partner/Senior Financial Controller at Sony

  • Really enjoyed the sessions so far! I like the fact that they are very practical too, not just text book!

    Cecile Parker FCCA
    Cecile Parker FCCA

    CFO at Vital Energi

  • I am so proud to be on the advisory board for GENCFO, the stalwart in progressive, finance leaders of tomorrow.

    Selina Butterfield-Mashoofi
    Selina Butterfield-Mashoofi

    CFO at Central Co-op

  • What a fantastic event it was – refreshing, energetic and classy!

    Melanie Venes
    Melanie Venes

    Sectors and Communities Lead at ACCA

  • Amazing energy at the GenCFO summit today with + 160 attendees!

    Cédric Assaouloff
    Cédric Assaouloff

    Digital and Innovation Lead, R&D Finance at Roche

  • I have been posting on my WhatsApp status all the amazing takeaway and my finance friends kept on saying wow how did you know about this!

    Olufunmilade Adetogun FCCA
    Olufunmilade Adetogun FCCA

    Investment Trust Accountant at Juniper Partners

  • Generation CFO brings together the new world of digital and the new class of modern accounting and finance into one collaborative group.

    Claire Bennison
    Claire Bennison

    Executive Director at AAT & past Head of ACCA

  • GENCFO is different because it is the only forum that focuses on how digital tech can help CFOs.

    Tanbir Jasimuddin
    Tanbir Jasimuddin

    Director, COO Transformation at DWF


GENCFO understands the traditional confines of the accounting and finance role, but believes it's members and COMMUNITY can influence and create new possibilities for you, your career and your businesses.

As a progressive community we strive to support members to acquire the most up-to-date knowledge and insight in people, data and digital, which requires continuous learning and member collaboration.

different industries  FUTURE FOCUSED

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of GENCFO is the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded individuals but from varied industries.

Our Members work in a wide range of business sizes, including start-ups to enterprises, and cover numerous industries including tech, FMCG, retail, technology, entertainment, and much more.

We vet every member and only accept finance professionals and business leaders. So no consultants, no accounting firms, no sales people! 

virtual or in-person

Attend high-impact community events including our virtual Lunch & Learn hosted by Chris Argent, and our interactive community watch-a-longs.

Also, elevate your networking and knowledge at our sought-after UK regional meet ups, featuring inspiring speakers and valuable learning opportunities.

connections, replays RESEARCH & MORE

Our replays of GENCFO Talks delve into the industry’s hottest topics and issues to uncover trends, raise awareness, and empower finance leaders to grasp the future of finance.

Meanwhile, our research reports present an alternative vision of the CFO organisation, championing a 'digital' finance function and stimulating novel organisational designs.

What binds all this together? It's our community platform, where you can connect and share your ideas in a safe, 'non-slack' & vendor' environment!

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The GENCFO Summit is one part of an expensive membership offer, so unlock a world of benefits with our membership.

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