The GENCFO summit features over 30 innovative sessions, which cut through the superficial to provide you insight and strategies that are relevant to your work today and tomorrow.

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09:00 AM

Uncensored CFO - Confronting Today's Tough Realities with Tomorrow's Emerging Opportunities!

Chris Argent

Chris Argent

10:00 AM

Technology + Human = Chief Future Officers: The Role of the Tech Enabled Finance Leader

Ian Rose Jane Carlin Bernd Stangl

Bernd Stangl, Jane Carlin & Ian Rose

11:00 AM

The Shift Live: Transforming like a Boss

Katharina Herzog

Katharina Herzog

12:00 PM

The GENAI is out of the bottle - you just gotta PROMPT it the right way!

Ajit Kumar Patrick Scully Sandhya Sriram

Patrick Scully, Sandhya Sriram & Ajit Kumar

01:30 PM

Essential leadership traits of a modern CFO

Johan Olsson

Johan Olsson

02:30 PM

Mastering the ‘Everywhere Workforce’

Hilary Mason Sarah Rodgers Clare Vosper Mortimer

Hilary Mason, Sarah Rodgers & Clare Vosper Mortimer

03:30 PM

Adapt or die: Is the accountancy qualification relevant in the digital world?

Dr Michael Goerz Lee Taylor Chengai Ruredzo FCCA

Chengai Ruredzo FCCA, Dr Michael Goerz & Lee Taylor

04:15 PM

Planet and Profit - Avoid ESG crisis and cost by being a cool boss!

Carolina Veira ShanMae Teo

ShanMae Teo & Carolina Veira


08:45 AM

The Klopp effect and lonely leadership - avoiding burnout and protecting mental wellness

Linda Scott Johan Olsson Colin Day

Linda Scott, Johan Olsson & Colin Day

09:45 AM

Transformers, finance in disguise

Lubnah Alam Sanja Djinovic Clare Vosper Mortimer

Sanja Djinovic, Lubnah Alam & Clare Vosper Mortimer

10:30 AM

The A Game: harnessing agility to overcome change and transformation fatigue

Dominique Highfield Daniel Misra-Jones Matt McManus

Matt McManus, Daniel Misra-Jones & Dominique Highfield

11:30 AM

The Visual CFO - When data speaks for itself!

Mark Laine-Toner FCCA Manraj Othi Basem Waheed

Manraj Othi, Basem Waheed & Mark Laine-Toner FCCA

12:15 PM

Where the £$%^ is my data?

Mike Rose

Mike Rose

01:15 PM

Being a world class Finance Business Partner in a digital world!

Andi Lonnen FCCA Ilana Esterrich

Andi Lonnen FCCA & Ilana Esterrich

02:00 PM

Leadership Interview - Transylvania to transformation

Yoana Land

Yoana Land

02:45 PM

Navigating the tech hype

Chris Gully Dann Cleveland

Dann Cleveland & Chris Gully

03:15 PM

Strategic partners: building a digital finance function ecosystem

Joy Mbanugo Tanbir Jasimuddin

Joy Mbanugo & Tanbir Jasimuddin

04:00 PM

Copilot in Excel, magic or make believe?

Victor Momoh Mark Proctor

Victor Momoh & Mark Proctor


09:30 AM

How to be a kick A%$e FBP in a Digital World!

Andi Lonnen FCCA

Andi Lonnen FCCA

09:30 AM

How to master ChatGPT for Finance Leaders

Nicolas Boucher

Nicolas Boucher

11:15 AM

How an amazing network will supercharge your career

Mike Rose Chris Argent

Chris Argent & Mike Rose

01:30 PM

How to navigate the route to NED

More Speakers

More Speakers

01:30 PM

How to be an authentic Leader!

More Speakers

More Speakers

01:30 PM

Your essential steps to CSRD compliance

Caroline Pontoppidan

Caroline Pontoppidan

03:15 PM

How to move from enterprise to fractional CFO?

Chris Ortega

Chris Ortega

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